Sophie Voituron (1972, France) is a visual artist photographer who lives and works in Brussels.

Inspired by cities and their architecture, she first developed a style that seduces by geometric rigor and the balance of compositions where less draws the better.

In the same vein of a work of great mastery, she turns to the sobriety of Asian landscapes and travels Hokkaido (Japan) and the Huangshan Mountains (China) in search of stripped-down scenes stimulating introspection and meditation.

Not wishing to be locked into a style at the risk of losing her freedom of expression, she decides to put aside this precision of lines that characterized her and to use blur as a technique of expression. By losing sharpness, his images gain an enigmatic side that stimulates the imagination and the perception of representation that would be impossible to offer with a sharp photo.

Currently, it is a work of abstraction which occupies the heart of his work, drawing its inspiration from the riches of nature and always carried by the idea that an image must slowly infuse in the mind of its observer, such as tea leaves in a cup of hot water, to be able to spread his message.

Sophie is the ambassador of MikeMuka Print Shop, specialist in piezographic printing. She has won numerous international competitions for her series since 2015 and exhibits regularly in Europe.

She is part of the Collectif Bruxelles-Pixels which organizes an exhibition each year on the subject of the Belgian capital.